Doris Kloos, resident since 2015

“Everybody is friendly! [And it’s so] clean! I participate in everything [there is] lots of entertainment. [The] caregivers help when I need it.”

John Songer, resident since Feb. 2016

“Life here is wonderful. I have a nice room — I call it my camp. The food is delicious. I enjoy bingo and all of the gatherings, music, and games. There is always something to do. The employees are good. They keep the place clean. They help me all the time — I am legally blind. I have no complaints with the staff, they are kind and compassionate.”

Anne Johnston, resident since 2014

“This works very well for me. The food is good and the folks are easy to be with. I’m very comfortable — I’m glad I’m here. I feel very at ease here.”

Nancy Wilson, resident since 2015

“[This place is] very serviceable. They take all of my requests with a smile. The staff are very considerate of all the residents.”

Cheryl Redmond, employee (administrative assistant) since 2014

“I get to meet new people all the time. I always stay busy and the days fly by here. I leave at night knowing I haven’t changed the world, but maybe made someone else’s day easier.”