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Frequently Ask Questions

If your question is not listed, please call 724-347-0998 or send us an email.

Do I bring my own furniture with me?

Yes. We want you to furnish and decorate your apartment making it your home – familiar and comfortable. We encourage you to bring furnishings including your bed (with a solid foundations, if on wheels they must be able to lock in place), nightstand, and a table lamp, a comfortable chair suitable for you, and a dresser or chest of drawers. Be sure to include accessories to hang on your walls such as photos or decorations. We also provide you with an expanded list of items to bring.

The only exception to bringing furniture is a resident who comes for a short stay. In this case all furnishings and accessories are provided. These residents only need to bring clothes, toiletries, and personal items they might like to have with them during their stay such as books, magazines and photos.

Do you accept pets?

St. Paul’s is a pet friendly community. Residents having pets must be able to care for their pets and stay within the guidelines including keeping your pet on a lead if outside of your apartment. Dogs are required to have vaccination records on file with The Ridgewood. We also require a pet deposit while the pet resides in your home.

Am I allowed to leave the building when I want and perhaps even stay overnight with family or friends?

Yes. You are welcome to come and go as you please. When you leave the building we simply ask that you let staff know that you’ll be gone and how long you’ll be gone. There is also a place for you to sign out and sign in. This is so we can account for everyone should there be an emergency or a fire/tornado drill in the building.

Also, if you plan to stay overnight, please give the staff notice ahead of time so they can help prepare things for you such as medications and contact information.

Can I bring my own car and drive?

Yes, as long as your physician agrees that you are still physically capable of driving. We do require that you keep a current copy of your license, registration and vehicle insurance on file. We also provide a dedicated parking space for you.

What are the fees for my apartment?

Fees are paid on a monthly basis. Your fee is based on the size of your apartment, your level of care (independent or personal care), and any added services that you may want or need including phone, cable, and laundry services. Short stay fees are on a daily basis and the daily fee includes all costs.

Can I take care of my own medications?

Yes, with physician’s approval. If you manage your own medications you will meet with our nurse every six months for an assessment to ensure that you are compliant with your medications as prescribed. Also, you must keep your medications secured in your apartment — in a locked container or by keeping your apartment door locked while you are away from your apartment.

What happens when I run out of money?

When you make application we evaluate several factors including your age, health, and financial resources (income, assets, long term care, VA benefits, etc.).

The Ridgewood at Shenango Valley is private pay. Our goal is that you’d be able to pay your monthly fees as long as you live in your apartment taking these factors into consideration. Once your application is approved and you move into The Ridgewood at Shenango Valley — our promise to you is care for life.

As long as your resources decline as initially discussed during the application and Residency Agreement process, we will never ask you to leave should you no longer be able to pay the total cost of your care.

Through fundraising and gracious gifts from countless individuals and organizations The Ridgewood at Shenango valley supports significant benevolent and unfunded care every each year for long-time residents.

Are my meals provided?

Yes. Our dining staff prepares three meals a day; the largest one being the noon meal. Snacks and beverages are available all day if you’d like something in between meal times. You also have a refrigerator in your apartment to keep snacks and beverages you prefer. Your family and friends are welcome to dine with you during their visits. Our dining staff simply asks that you make a reservation as early as possible. There are fees for guest meals.

Do I do my own laundry?

You have several options:

  1. A laundry room where you are welcome to keep your own laundry supplies and do your own laundry should you choose to.
  2. Family can do your laundry if they prefer.
  3. You can employ our staff to do your laundry. In this case, it’s a weekly service. Your laundry is coordinated with your housekeeping day so that the staff can launder your linens and towels at the same time as your clothes. Your laundry is done separately and personally then returned to your apartment.

Who makes the decision about my move to a higher level of care?

Several people are involved in making any decisions about additional services you may need or possible moves to higher levels of care. You and your family play a part.

Understanding your perspectives is very important to us. Our staff plays a role as their input about your current needs, that can and cannot be met, is vital. Your physician also plays a role. Your physician will be called upon for input about your needs and ability to stay in personal care or needs to move to a higher level. Also, we consider options to support you right where you are through home care and home health care.

We also contract with Hospice providers enabling us to meet greater needs in your current apartment. Our goal is to always help you age-in-place as long as you are able. Only when your needs become greater than we can safely meet do we begin discussions with you about a move to a higher level of care – whether it be short term or long term.

What types of activities do you offer?

Our goal is to get to know you personally and learn what interests you have and what types of activities you enjoy.

Our Activity Specialist plans activities and events that suit our current residents. We get you connected to things already happening that you might enjoy and sometimes we create new opportunities for groups of residents that have similar interests. There are regular activities such as music, crafts, entertainment, cards, and more. Spiritual services are also a part of life at The Ridgewood Shenango Valley.

In addition, we host three main events for residents and families every year:

  • In the summer we hold our annual family picnic with plenty of good food and fun for the day.
  • In the winter we host our annual Christmas Tea — a lovely dinner with entertainment and good treats.
  • In the spring we host a Strawberry Festival and Auction — an event that serves three purposes: first it’s fun for residents and family members; second it’s a great way to get members of the community familiar with our residence; and lastly, it serves as a fundraiser and proceeds support our benevolent care.

Do you offer personal help buttons — you know for I’ve fallen and I can’t get up?

We do have personal help buttons in our building that will work in and around the building. If the button is activated, staff is notified by pager enabling them to locate and help you. They will call 911 if needed.